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Rapid Injection Molding

Faster, High Quality Parts From Real Materials. Get Your Project Start Faster.

At BEST PARTS, our CNC rapid injection molding solutions offer high quality parts.Sometimes you need prototypes in the real production materials, or low/mid volumes of parts where production tooling doesn’t make sense. You might have a tight deadline to meet or need to quickly market test a new product iteration.


Metarials  & Application

Low volume of rapid injection can use most commonly plastics.The products after injection molding can be used in industries involved in industry, agriculture, daily life, etc.




Gear,Bearing,handle,machine shell,machine parts,instrument,calculator,radio televisions,toys


tableware,toys,packaging,optical instruments,tele components,decorative panels,transparent models


auto parts,flanges,joints,pump impeller,medical equipment,pipe


electrical insulating materials,daily necessaries,fish nets,industrial containers


High strength parts,shield,cameras shell,rack, gear,screw,electrical components,coloured sheet

socket,plug,switch,power tools,handle,shell,metre parts,pipe,tableware


bearing,gear,puley,drive belt,handle,shell,tool holder,cable shealthm,metal surface costing

support frame,tranmission cover,cable,precision parts,gasket


We arrange prototype manufacturing and precisely control precision in terms of raw materials, dimensions and surface treatment. Also assembled and packed.
From raw materials to final shipment, at each step, we check the processing during the manufacturing process. An inspection report is also prepared for each customer's approval prior to each shipment.


Not all injection-molded materials can have the same surface finish. Some plastics are more suitable for smooth surfaces, while others are easier to roughen to make the textures smoother.

Rapid Injection Molding vs Conventional Injection Molding?

Aluminium tooling is very suitable or low-volume production prototype runs, providing a cost effective solution with shorter lead-time than traditional production tooling. For rapid injection molding, we can typically be 30-50% cheaper than full production tooling, with a 40-60% reduction in lead-time compared to traditional mold.Typically, we are able to go from initial DFM design through to tooling manufacture, mould flow analysis, and initial samples in approximately 5 to 28 calendar days(depending on product complexity and tool functionality). BEST PART's professional knowledge and expertise in rapid manufacturing really does cut down a lot of the time & cost of producing your prototype!

Advantages of Rapid Injection Molding

1. We're manufaturer with many years experiences, able to provide high quality mould with competitive price.
2. Quick mould production and delivery, OEM is available according to the customers' drawings.
3. Strickly quality control system. To achieve strict international tolerance standard, good surface treatment.
4. Excellent R&D team, Professional engineers and Skillful operators.
5. We provide professional one-stop service, from design, production, service, etc.


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