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Rapid Injection Molding

Faster, High-Quality Rapid Injection Molding Service From Real Materials. Get Your Project Start Faster

At BEST Parts, our rapid injection molding solutions offer high-quality parts. Sometimes you need prototypes in the real production materials or low/mid volumes of parts where production tooling doesn’t make sense. You might have a tight deadline to meet or need to quickly market test a new product iteration.

What Is Rapid Injection Molding?

Rapid injection molding uses copying methods to rapidly manufacture parts. Rapid injection molding can not be called as a true manufacturing mold part. In other words, it's an experimental link.
Rapid injection molding occupies important directions in the development of new product trials, process verification, and functional verification, and multi-variety and small batch production. From the conceptual design of the mold to the completion of manufacturing, it only takes one-third of the time and one-quarter of the cost of traditional mold processing.

Rapid injection molding quickly produces plastic parts with low-cost, high-precision prototypes and low-volume.

FDM molding and SLA molding are convenient for testing the shape and size of parts. It is not suitable for testing real injection molded parts. But rapid injection molding is not only fast, but its low cost-effectiveness is enough to compensate for the cost of problems such as initial design errors.

Low-Volume Manufacturing

Before production preparation, it is usually necessary to wait three to four months for the empty window period of the part. During this period, some products need to be produced and put on the market for performance testing. Rapid injection molding is aimed at producing 100 to 10,000 products. When the output is not suitable for stainless steel molds, rapid injection molding can be used to produce parts.

Rapid Injection Molding Application

A low volume of rapid injection can use most commonly plastics. The products after injection molding can be used in industries involved in the industry, agriculture, daily life, etc.

Rapid Injection Molding Process

We arrange prototype manufacturing and precisely control precision in terms of raw materials, dimensions and surface treatment. Also assembled and packed.
From raw materials to final shipment, at each step, we check the processing during the manufacturing process. An inspection report is also prepared for each customer's approval prior to each shipment.


Not all injection-molded materials can have the same surface finish. Some plastics are more suitable for smooth surfaces, while others are easier to roughen to make the textures smoother.

Rapid Injection Molding vs Conventional Injection Molding?

Aluminum tooling is a very suitable or low-volume production prototype runs, providing a cost-effective solution with shorter lead-time than traditional production tooling. For rapid injection molding, we can typically be 30-50% cheaper than full production tooling, with a 40-60% reduction in lead-time compared to traditional mold. Typically, we are able to go from initial DFM design through to tooling manufacture, mold flow analysis, and initial samples in approximately 5 to 28 calendar days(depending on product complexity and tool functionality). BEST PART's professional knowledge and expertise in rapid manufacturing really do cut down a lot of the time & cost of producing your prototype!

Advantages of Rapid Injection Molding

1. We're manufacturer with many years' experience, able to provide high-quality mold with competitive prices.
2. Quick mold production and delivery, OEM is available according to the customers' drawings.
3. Strictly quality control system. To achieve strict international tolerance standards, good surface treatment.
4. Excellent R&D team, Professional engineers and Skillful operators.
5. We provide professional one-stop service, from design, production, service, etc.


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