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BEST PARTS: China Further Expands Foreign Capital CNC Precision Parts Processing Industry

BEST PARTS has professional CNC, with dedicated engineers and pilot manufacturing companies. Industry leadership means more challenges. Last year, China’s new foreign direct investment reached US$131 billion, ranking second in the world. Among them, the foreign capital performance of CNC precision parts processing is more prominent, and BEST PARTS's CNC Machining, rapid prototyping, small-scale processing, die-casting and injection molding are even more prosperous.

BEST PARTS foreign investment accounted for nearly 85% of the total import and export volume, taxation accounted for 3% of the total proportion, and also contributed more than 300 jobs. At the same time, the rapid growth of China's economy has also provided a good opportunity for BEST PARTS in foreign precision parts processing enterprises.

According to reports, in accordance with the requirements of the Chinese government's economic work report, it will implement the construction of a world-class business environment, greatly relax market access, and further revise the negative list of foreign investment. The negative list of the free trade zone will be gradually expanded to the whole country, and the opening level of the service industry will be greatly improved. The general precision parts processing and manufacturing industry will be fully liberalized, and measures such as restrictions on the scope of foreign investment will be relaxed or eliminated in some areas.

China's efforts to attract foreign investment in the processing of hardware parts are significant. The goal of BEST PARTS is to establish a super factory that connects the world. Customers can contact BEST PARST online to communicate at any time. This requires managers to think more about thinking. BEST PARTS's services to end customers around the world are accumulated in the world's automotive parts, medical industry, and light industry customers.

Further opening up the CNC precision parts processing industry to foreign capital, BEST PARTS's manufacturing development status and international environment are highly consistent and highly correlated, reflecting the company's tendency to strengthen the real economy and promote the upgrade of precision parts processing industry. After a long period of industrialization, China has formed a complete manufacturing system. Due to the complete industrial supporting capacity of BEST PARTSd precision parts processing industry, it has strong competitiveness in the international market. The growth of BEST PARTS has benefited from opening up to the outside world, and expanding the global market has also started from open foreign investment.

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