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CNC Manufacturing After a Major Blow Will Usher In New Opportunities

Numerical control processing and manufacturing industry since the second half of last year, the recovery of the world economy gradually, and cloud  protrusions, first Iceland, Greece, protrusions, first Iceland, Greece, on the verge of bankruptcy economy, after is swept across the euro zone countries such as portugal,Spain

,Italy's sovereign debt crisis, and then to 6of the arbitrary start a trade war in the United States,and the United States due to poor economic prospects and the huge debt sovereign debt rating by standard & poor's downgrade, appearances of "black swans" in global capital market turmoil. The series of events has turned the already fragile world economy by uncertain factors,A number of economists, including the famous "Dr. Doom" roubini, have even predicted that a double-dip recession is inevitab.

Of course, in the current global financial crisis has not been completely over, the world economic outlook is uncertain factors complex and changeable circumstances, China's CNC export industry how to calm response, is in front of us a difficult problem.
Combined with the structural adjustment planning of the industrial industry, it is necessary to pay close attention to the needs and development of the downstream user industry and meet their needs in the process of progress. During the "eleventh five-year plan" period, China's automobile, aerospace, shipping and other CNC machining parts industry major users industry rapid development, "twelfth five-year plan" and a considerable period of time in the future, CNC processing, especially high-end CNC parts manufacturing demand will increase. For example, the total investment of the C919 large aircraft project reaches 200 billion yuan, of which the investment in manufacturing capacity construction is expected to be 30 billion yuan.
Its high requirements for high precision CNC machining parts, whether the machining accuracy requirements, or special-shaped complex processing surface and the application of hard processing material, is unmatched by other areas, including high speed, precision, high efficiency, composite five-axis machining center CNC machine tools, such as key manufacturing equipment, as well as the modern, efficient tool, is the need of equipment. In the shipbuilding industry, after China overtook Japan and South Korea to become the largest shipbuilding country in the world, China's shipbuilding industry continued to grow steadily. In the first half of this year, the shipbuilding industry completed 30.92 million deadweight tons and received 21.6 million deadweight tons of new orders. It is planned to develop and build high-tech and high-value-added ships with an annual capacity of 28 million deadweight tons and an annual output of 22 million deadweight tons by 2015. The annual production capacity of low - and medium-speed Marine diesel engines reaches 6 million kw and 1,200 units respectively. Shipbuilding enterprises need heavy and ultra-heavy high-end CNC machine tools, such as gantry boring and milling machine, CNC landing boring and milling machine, five CNC boring and milling machine, crankshaft turning and milling center, large crankshaft grinding machine and sheet metal processing equipment, etc., which bring great opportunities for the further development of CNC processing industry.
After years of rapid growth, China has developed into the world's largest automobile producer and largest automobile consumer. Compared with the world's per capita car ownership, China's per capita car consumption still has a lot of room to rise. Therefore, the automobile industry will remain the pillar industry of China in the future and maintain a stable and high-speed growth. In the future, China's auto industry will invest a huge amount of money to expand production capacity and transform existing auto production lines. A large number of high speed, high efficiency and high reliability nc machining parts needed by automobile industry will mainly depend on Chinese nc machining enterprises.
As one of the strategic emerging industries, the new energy industry, such as wind power, hydropower, nuclear power and other engineering projects, need a large number of high reliability, large specification, high stiffness of CNC parts, such as heavy CNC gantry boring and milling, heavy CNC landing boring and milling, heavy vertical sleeping car, blade processing and blade root groove special processing.
Based on the demand analysis of various aspects, China's CNC machining center industry will usher in a new round of more healthy and benign development period after experiencing the impact test of the financial crisis. The Yangtze river delta as the center of our country economy and manufacturing, assembled cars, ships, aerospace, new energy and other large industrial cluster, including Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai gm, nanjing iveco, geely, chery automobile, nk, jianghuai automobile enterprises and dotted with auto parts, in the pearl river delta, has a large number of foreign private processing industry for light industry large number of domestic shipping industry giants such as camping. These users of industrial enterprises for CNC machining parts of large demand, high requirements, on the objective of the overall level of China's CNC machining center has played a powerful role in promoting.
Building a bridge of communication and cooperation to build an efficient procurement trading platform, always adhering to the purpose of "common achievements, win-win future", is committed to building a bridge of communication between CNC machining parts and downstream users, to build an efficient CNC machining trading company.
Over the years, shenzhen beist co., ltd. has cooperated with more than 100 domestic and overseas media to promote product quality and product testing through all-round channels. Increasing popularity and influence. BEST PARTS focuses on being a good platform to show its corporate image, launch the latest products, and win orders and partners. The high precision, high efficiency and complete set production line has become the mainstream day by day.

Although high inflation threatens major economies around the world and the outlook for the world economy remains uncertain, there are reasons to believe that the difficulties will pass and the clouds will lift.

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