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COVID-2019 : How ’s the CNC Machining Campaign Going

Affected by the global epidemic, it is possible that your 2020 annual plan will be greatly changed. Or your life will change a lot, but for the sake of health and family. We hope you stay at home with your family. Reduce travel and activities.

The outbreak in China has been effectively controlled, although huge economic losses have been sacrificed for this purpose. BEST PARTS has also returned to work. We are able to prepare you with projects and parts services.

We are saddened by the test that the unfortunate outbreak countries are also undergoing. The economy is already developing globally, which businesses and people have been affected by the epidemic.

Summarize the vicious impact of the epidemic in the CNC processing industry

First, production cannot be resumed normally, affecting production. The traditional CNC processing ecology will be destroyed, and modern industry will be affected. For most of the equipment production enterprises, production activities are concentrated in the company's production base. In this highly contagious epidemic, a large number of people will concentrate their production activities and become risky and unsuitable. Normal production will be affected.

Second, cnc machining center products cannot be delivered as originally planned, affecting customers' receipt of products. The product cannot be produced as originally planned, and delivery to customers will naturally be affected. Although the customer can understand it, after all, it will affect the customer's production and business activities.

Third, CNC processing after-sales service and support cannot be launched on time and in time, affecting customers' business activities. Global logistics is a major traction to maintain the development of the world economy. The epidemic situation affected the resumption of work and after-sale maintenance activities by after-sales service personnel.

Fourth, marketing and sales activities cannot be carried out, affecting the company's orders and subsequent operating activities. Affected by the epidemic, online marketing and offline exhibition communications were temporarily suspended. The company's marketing and sales personnel cannot resume work normally and start marketing operations. The product sales and new orders will be affected. After the epidemic situation is over. The production workers have completely resumed work. The lack of orders will further affect the production of enterprises. In particular, CNC machining is made to customers from all over the world.

Darkness will end, the light will come. No spring will not come.

We are confident that we will no longer interfere with our manufacturing capabilities and we are vigilant every day.

I hope that the impact on the rest of the world will be limited and mild.

At the same time, we are willing to do business and help here.

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