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As A Professional CNC Manufacturer How Can BEST PARTS Reduce Tariff Pressure In A Trade War

What is Low-Volume Manufacturing? This is in the mechanical industry production, in the processing mode a small batch of parts production. Shenzhen Best Parts co.Ltd., a manufacturer, provides CNC machining technology.The appropriate quantity requirement for small batch parts production is around 200 to 10,000 products or part models. In other words, a Low-Volume Parts manufacturer can also be referred to as small-scale production.

This production mode is suitable for products that have little customer demand in the market or are launched on a small scale for market testing. These small batch production has many advantages, which can reduce the cost control, production control and quality in the early production input.

Shenzhen Best Parts, a Low-Volume Parts manufacturer in China, covers a wide range of industries, including aviation, medicine, chemistry, automation, automobile manufacturing and so on. These small-batch Parts production increases with the development of the industry. Under the pressure of the recent trade war, a number of small-batch manufacturers, BestParts, Chinese CNC machining manufacturers, are reducing the pressure of customs duties in various ways, thus expanding the customer base.

Shenzhen Best parts Co.Ltd has a factory in mainland China and is looking for more cooperation opportunities. Currently, Best parts has three production bases in China, which produce precision parts used in automobile, machinery, equipment, medical products, chemical products, aviation and other fields. The low-volume parts are sold to countries such as the United States, Britain, Australia, Sweden, Germany and southeast Asia.

"To increase production, the company is also actively transforming and expanding its talent pool. Seek greater cooperation opportunities and." So said the CEO of Best Parts during a daily meeting. One of the clients said, "I am also concerned about the pressure of additional import duties while asking for quotations. How to transport goods so as to reduce the direct flow of products from China to the United States, how to consolidate the industrial chain so as to reduce trade tariffs and so on. A trade war is a big challenge for us and our suppliers. We cannot afford to pay more for trade tariffs on the cost of raw materials. "

Enterprises pay attention to the quality of products through small-scale production. These products are generally not put on the market in the early stage, or used as trial supplies to investigate the market heat and reaction effect. If the effect is poor, it will overturn the design and re-plan the product.

Small batch production is not labor-saving in industry. Small batch production in Chinese enterprises has the advantages of low investment, low risk, low inventory pressure or even zero pressure, so that the profit direction of enterprises will be more clear.

In BEST PARTS, machining is good at CNC machining and rapid prototyping process, which has been widely used in machining of mechanical industry. CNC machining, due to its high machining accuracy, can reduce machining loss and save capital cost. Small batch production in strict equipment requirements, more cumbersome process flow, is also a challenge to production. However, no matter customers in CNC milling, CNC turning, rapid injection, die casting, injection molding and other aspects of order requirements, we will give the most appropriate solution.

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