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Rapid Prototyping A Simulated Process

Why use rapid prototyping Technology? Because of strong plasticity. Rapid prototyping enables rapid evaluation and modification of new product features. This is the key to efficient software design. This is the convenience of rapid prototyping in the development process.

Before obtaining mass production, the designer must have a complete conception of the sample. In the continuous concept and R & D staff to get feedback and comments. Such a product can fully meet the needs of the project and eventually get a non-risk product.

Rapid prototyping is simulated

The traditional cnc prototyping can only be cut by the team through the existing model. Rapid prototyping is the study of product performance that transforms design into feedback and recognition from developers. Less time to explore the concept, R & D personnel can better analyze the use of the product.

Rapid prototyping technology breaks through the traditional parts processing mode of "blank → cutting → finished product ". Obviously, rapid prototyping can quickly produce free-form surfaces and more complex forms of parts. such as grooves, convex shoulder and hollow parts in the part, etc. Such convenience greatly reduces the development cost and cycle of new products.

Rapid prototyping belongs to incremental machining, does not need the tools and fixtures necessary for machine tool cutting, and has no impact on tool wear and cutting force.

Intelligent Production

In a more intelligent processing workshop, rapid prototyping is fully operational in the case. Putting the rapid prototyping into the full automation workshop can realize the complete automation production at night.

Make changes as early as possible

When the R & D team gives feedback, the designer can get the next action plan in the feedback. reduce the defects brought by manufacturing products. ultimately bring faster efficiency and solid models and molds for final hair distribution products.

In one project, the BEST PARTS team developed a product. In the project development process, the customer prefers to be a concise product style and adapts various parts. After considering the project plan, we take rapid prototyping.

The R & D process, which is painful and most challenging. Our designers and R & D engineers are working hard to deploy, design, and then modify and build the product.

BEST PARTS team is good at custom product design and development. And it's exactly in the hands of the client. If you want more information about rapid prototyping or want to discuss the development of your own custom product, please contact the BEST PARTS team immediately.

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