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Research Report About Development Trend of Injection Molds In 2020

In March 2019, a "Global Plastic Injection Molding Market Research Report 2019" announced relevant developments in the injection molding market.

The report pointed out that the critical analysis of the injection molding market, including market budgets, growth trends, and injection molding market share, etc., has a strict report summary.

This report accurately reveals the difficulties of injection molding suppliers' budget market share in the next step. Let us analyze this report again. The future development trend of injection molds after 2020.

The first concern is: what kind of talents will be needed for the future of the injection molding industry?

With the transformation and upgrading of injection molding enterprises and the progress and development of the injection molding industry, injection molding processing has entered the era of automation / unmanned. Some traditional posts will be gradually eliminated or disappeared, and the professional and technical personnel urgently needed by injection molding companies in the future.

All injection molding companies urgently need a large number of injection mold design engineers who know the knowledge of materials, machines, molds, and process technology. Their salary is several times higher than that of ordinary mold design engineers.

Second focus: industrial chain structure of the global plastic injection molding market

In the global plastic injection molding market, injection-molded products are blooming everywhere.

In a blog post, "Grand View Research, Inc., the medical injection molding market size will reach $ 1.83 billion by 2026," injection molding also has more market share in the medical research field than ever before.

This trend also confirms the development of modern medical technology, more people are concerned about their own health, and the increase in life expectancy.

Modern medicine has broken through the disadvantages of traditional medicine, and the medical equipment produced by the group can also get the most appropriate treatment in the application of high-tech fields.

Third focus: focus on the market

The global economy has gradually changed the performance of previous European and American industrial development.

The rise of the Asia-Pacific region is a topic to be accepted. In terms of regions, the report focuses on several key regions are North America, Europe, China and Japan. Obviously, the modern injection molding market has already progressed with globalization. In the Asia-Pacific region, with increasing population and labor costs, many large factories have shifted manufacturing centers.

Fourth focus: market segmentation by type

It can be clearly seen from the table below that the evergreens of the raw materials for injection molding are still familiar to us. Covers ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) acetal


High-strength polystyrene

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), for the time being, occupies a small share of special materials.

Growing demand for plastic components in various end-use industries, including automotive, packaging, home appliances, electrical and electronics, and medical equipment, is expected to drive this growth. Environmentally friendly plastics and modern innovations to reduce poor productivity have increased the importance of injection molding technology in the mass production of complex plastic shapes.

Market segment by an application can be divided into







From the above data, we can see that the global market industry chain and structure are changing. In the process of developing the mold, we can ensure the scientific verification of the quality of the mold design during the development of the project. Quickly identify the structural problems existing in the mold and propose effective improvement solutions. All are a major channel for the change of the concept of injection molding companies.

The requirements of modern industry for injection products are not only high precision, but also excellent processing quality.

Due to the organic combination of product information and manufacturing information related to injection mold manufacturing activities, the traditional manufacturing industry has developed rapidly. The modern manufacturing process can be regarded as the value-added process of the amount of information contained in raw materials, etc. The drive of industrial information flow will become the mainstream of the manufacturing industry.

The research report is only for research and talks about the China market. If you have any comments, please contact our editors at news@bestinparts.com.

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