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Surface Treatment :Value-added Service

We meet orders for small and large order sizes, multiple running parts and large assemblies. With our state-of-the-art level, we can provide the precise components you need to make your business operations as smooth as possible.

Whether you need CNC machining of large parts, metal broaching or other CNC manufacturing services mentioned above, we can serve you.

BESTPARTS offers the best surface treatment services. The effect of surface treatment is generally to increase the aesthetics of the part. Or improving the corrosion resistance of the metal prevent the parts from rusting due to oxidation. Surface treatment methods include powder coating, anodizing, electroplating, electropolishing, passivation, surface grinding, sand blasting, deburring, chromizing, and the like.

Powder coating

Powder coatings are generally a protective layer that provides a coating for materials that prevent corrosion. The powder coating is solid in the case of raw materials, but is used in a process that uses other external forces to adhere to the surface of the coating.


Anodizing is generally an electrochemical reaction process in which parts are usually polished or sandblasted prior to anodization, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing surface and a consistent surface finish.

Aluminum and titanium are common anodizing materials. Other anodized materials do not have an advantage in ensuring the visual effect and yield of the material.


Metal plating is also a way to provide aesthetics and other materials for metals and other materials. Electroless nickel plating, zinc nickel, copper, nickel, chromium, zinc, silver, gold, cadmium and tin. The manner in which various metals are plated is related to the properties of the plated metal. For example, the choice of gold plating is generally due to the fact that gold is a high-grade antioxidant material and good electrical conductivity, while chrome plating is used for decoration as well as to improve corrosion and friction resistance.

Through metal plating, the material can achieve the benefits

Improve the corrosion resistance of the material

Increase weldability

Reduce friction

Increase hardness

Change the electrical conductivity of the material

And increase the aesthetics of the material


Electro-polishing is the opposite of electroplating. The principle of electropolishing is that the surface of a metal object loses the movement of free ions. The result of electropolishing is the formation of a smooth surface on the metal surface. Small spots on the residual tear surface could not be seen even on the microscope. The basic metal surface exposed outside - bright, clean and smooth under the microscope.


The literal understanding of passivation is caused by the processing that causes the surface of the material to become dull. Yes, the principle of passivation is to remove the free ions on the surface of the stainless steel by a chemical reaction that hinders the oxidation of the ton. The less free iron on the surface means more chromium.


Many materials require further grinding based on machining roughing. The reason for surface grinding is generally the part.

The surface is not flat enough,

The tolerance of the parts does not meet the customer's standards.

The roughness of the part is not the standard surface roughness Ra


Sandblasting smoothes the surface of the part and removes tool marks. Usually used for aesthetic requirements, sometimes as a pretreatment for other finishes or coatings. Sandblasting services are capable of covering. Just like the concealer effect on women's cosmetics, the enamel is covered, leaving the perfect surface parts. Sandblasting is widely used on aluminum prior to anodizing, which provides a high quality, cost effective surface finish.


The formation of burrs is possible in stamping, material casting, CNC milling, milling and drilling, and grinding. Deburring can choose to manually deburring, or you can choose the machine to deburr. The key point is to maintain the smoothness of the surface of the part during the deburring process.


Chromating is used to reduce reactivity and improve the durability and surface finish of metals such as aluminum and zinc alloys.

No matter which stage of the project you are in, whether it is mass production or small batch production, please contact us. We offer a complete solution, not only for CNC machining, but also for the backup force of die casting and injection molding services.

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