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At BEST PARTS, we offer the highest quality manufacturing and CNC machining services - specializing in CNC machined parts. We combine computer processing equipment on the market with highly skilled and experienced personnel to provide superior processing services for your business needs.

CNC Parts Processing Technology

1) Arrange raw materials or extruded materials (including material inspection)
2) Make fixtures if necessary (including fixture inspection)
3) CNC machining / turning / turning / milling.. (Check during production to maintain tolerance)
4) Surface treatment, such as anodizing / plating / brushing / polishing / coating...
5) Comprehensive inspection using 2D projector, secondary detector and other inspection equipment
6) Produce inspection report and send it to customer
6) Packed according to customer requirements or actual transportation requirements
7) Shipping (via express / sea / air)
8) Send the tracking number or bill of lading to the customer

9) After-sales service (if needed)

Inquiry us info@bestinparts.com ,we will reply professionally within 24 hours! Urgent needs, please give us a call directly.

Contact Us

Contact: Emily

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