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Pressure Die Casting Parts

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Different metals, processes, tools and machining must be considered before producing die cast parts. Our engineering and industry knowledge has made us a leader in the die casting business year after year.

Drawing→ Mold → Die casting → Deburring → Drilling holes → Tapping → CNC Machining → CNC control center → Polishing → Surface Finishing → Assembly → Quality Inspection → Packing

High Quality Die Casting

1. Customized die-cast parts, custom CNC machining parts
2.100% parts are made of high quality materials, according to customer requirements.
3. Design OEM and ODM by customer
4. Surface degreasing

5. All parts are out of stock and can be customized according to customer drawings or samples.

Some Of Our Service Products

1.Black powder coating die-cast aluminum alloy casing
2.OEM ADC12 aluminum / copper / iron / zinc / stainless steel die casting
3.Stainless steel precision casting valve parts
4.Precision stainless steel / aluminum / ductile iron / lost wax zinc
5.Casting, high precision aluminum die casting with CNC machining
6.Die-cast drive assemblies for the automotive and heavy-duty truck industries
7.Custom die-cast metal textile machinery components
8.Aluminum 380 / ADC12 / Stainless Steel 316 / 304 Telecom Equipment
9.Casting aluminum die casting gravity casting
10.Stainless steel / steel / brass / aluminum / copper
11.Die Casting of Automotive Pumps A380 / ADC12 Die Casting
12.Aluminum/stainless steel casting casting-die casting

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