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BEST PARTS offers high volume and technical plastic injection molding services. The BEST PARTS service is one stop. From the beginning of the customer's concept design, to injection molding, mold, plastic manufacturing, assembly and international packaging to packaging, customers can focus on your business.

What kind Products We Can Do

Car, motorcycle and bicycle parts;
Machine or metal appliance furniture base;
Furniture accessories and hardware;
Power tool housing。

Our Advantage

1. We have many years of experience in manufacturing to provide high quality molds at competitive prices.
2. Mold production and delivery are fast, OEM can be provided according to customer drawings.
3. Strict quality control system. Meet strict international tolerance standards and good surface treatment.
4. Excellent R&D team, professional engineers and skilled operators.
5. From the aspects of design, production and service, we provide professional one-stop service.

Contact Us

Contact: Emily

Phone: +86 158 1864 3701

Tel: +86 (0755) 2377 2505

Email: info@bestinparts.com

Add: Changshantou Industrial Park,No.149 QingZhang Road, QingXi Town,DongGuan,China 523662

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