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Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototype Machining

(Low-cost Prototypes, One-stop Rapid Prototype Machining. Get Your Project Started Faster.)

At BEST Parts, rapid prototyping will guide the product through a series of validation stages to achieve mass production. Our R & D production team can provide more than 100,000 small-batch parts. If you are preparing to start your project, please send 3D drawings to our team for a free quote.

1. BEST Parts Prototyping Service & Analysis

When we receive your inquiry and 3D CAD file. We will use the prototype manufacturing process specification. Engineers will carefully analyze the operability of parts. Assisting your product select the right and best prototype method to satisfy your quality needs and cost budget.

Through rapid prototyping, engineers can all create prototypes directly from CAD data faster. Engineers quickly and frequently revising designs based on actual tests and feedback.

CNC Prototyping

Vacuum Casting

3D Printed Rapid Prototype

BEST PARTS offers a full range of CNC prototype services. The prototype production cost of the CNC is characterized by high efficiency and low cost, and this rapid turnover depends on the geometry and number of parts.

Our CNC prototype processing:
Plastic: ABS, PC, POM, nylon, etc.
Metal: aluminum, zinc, brass, copper, stainless steel, etc.
Post-treatment: electroplating, anodizing, painting, passivation, polishing, printing, painting, etc.

Vacuum casting is a manufacturing process that specializes in small batches. Vacuum casting involves the use of silicone molds to make small parts in polyurethane.
Various hard plastics (such as ABS, PC, POM) and rubber can be selected from the materials of the vacuum casting. Or you need to add different pigments to meet customer needs.

BEST PARTS offers a complete solution, ideal for inclusion:
*Product test parts and prototypes
*Small series housing cover
*Conceptual model and prototype

3D printing technology is technological innovation.From simple plastic products to metals, 3D printing can be used for rapid prototyping. We get the best solution from the concept of model combination. From the unique characteristics of metal, we give priority to production and design. Increase product features and simplify time.

Our 3D printing process includes: SLA, SLS, SMLS,and FDM。

2. Prototyping Process
 Design molds→CNC→Manual processing→polish→painting(surface finish)→finish→inspection→confirmation→package

3. Applications of Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping turns customer ideas into end-use products and prototypes. Rapid prototypes are widely used in various applications.

1. Production-grade plastic prototype
2. Large parts prototype
3. Fixtures and tools
4. Low-Volume Manufacturing

4. Finishes

Polishing / anodizing / electroplating / chrome-plating / galvanizing / nickel-plating / colouring / texture / brush etc. or per your request

5. Industries

There are many industries involved in rapid prototyping. Our rapid prototyping service can accurately obtain feedback, modify, iterate and bring better products to the market. In addition to the prototypes up, we also have two prototype manufacturing options, RT and sheet metal prototyping.

6. Our Prototyping Services Including

CNC Machining Sheet Metal Fabrication Rapid Injection Molding

7. Prototyping To Production

At Best Parts, we also offer low-volume production services where we can provide you with 100,000+ plastic and metal parts. Our low-volume manufacturing options ensure that we can take you through the entire journey from prototype to bridge tooling to low-volume production.


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