The CNC machining center is a piece of processing equipment that concentrates multiple processes in one. So it can complete the multi-stage processing by clamping the machining at one time. It can process workpieces with complex shapes, multiple processes with high accuracy requirements. The machining center can also be upgraded to a multi-axis machining center, which can expand the machining range and complete the machining of multiple faces by clamping the workpiece at one time. Therefore, the machining center has a very wide range of processing. Let’s follow BEST PART Precision Technology to see what types of parts and molds the machining center can process.

  1. Applicable processing range of machining center

Machining centers can be used in all major industries, especially for the core industries that some countries value. The machining center mainly processes a box-shaped workpiece, complex curved-surface workpiece, irregular-shaped workpiece, disk-shaped workpiece, sleeve-shaped workpiece, and plate-shaped workpiece, and another complex-shaped workpiece can be processed using the machining center.

  1. Processing discs, sleeves, and plate workpieces

There are many kinds of workpieces, including disk sleeves or shafts with key grooves and radial holes, more porous planes, curved surfaces, such as shaft sleeves with flanges, shaft parts with key grooves or square heads, etc. Plate parts with multi-hole processing, such as various motor covers.

  1. Processing complex curved workpiece

Generally, the machining of complex curved surface workpieces uses a machining center with more than four-axis linkage. For example, a five-axis machining center can process various complex curved workpieces. A simple curved workpiece can also use a three-axis machining center, but a ball-end milling cutter must be used. Three coordinates to complete the processing, the processing efficiency is high, but the efficiency is relatively low. Complex surface workpieces cannot be processed using a three-axis machining center, because a three-axis machining center can only process simple curved workpieces, but complex curved workpieces cannot be processed. For example, complex curved surface parts such as impellers, blades, and marine propellers require five axes. The linked machining center can complete the machining.

4.Machining center box workpieces

Machining center box workpieces are generally processed with high precision hole series and planes. When machining center machining box workpieces, one clamping can complete 60% to 95% of the processing procedures.

  1. Processing special-shaped workpieces

What is a special-shaped workpiece? A special-shaped part is a part composed of a mixture of points, lines, and surfaces. The shape is very strange, very irregular, and a five-axis machining center is required to process this type of workpiece. The higher the precision requirement, the more superior the machining center becomes. Such as brackets.

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