Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

Our customer-focused service provides customers with customized solutions. We understand the needs of the automotive and transportation industries and work with you to ensure that these needs are met and exceeded.Our wide range of processes is suitable for every part of the automotive industry.
● CNC machining
● 3D printing
● Rapid injection molding
● Vacuum casting
● Representative parts

Artificial Intelligence Supplier of customized parts

In the era of modern artificial intelligence, many complicated and complicated tasks have already been delivered to artificial intelligence. In artificial intelligence terminals, a large number of parts are required to consolidate and maintain the assembly of the product. BEST PARTS adapts to the development of the times and provides customers with professional artificial intelligence parts.

Intelligent medical robots engaged in medical or paramedical
Intelligent medical treatment: the inevitable trend of hospital information in the future!Recognition of robot applications in the medical field and popularization of applications at various stages of diagnosis and treatment. Medical robots, especially surgical robots, have become “high demand products” in the field of robotics. Instead of traditional surgery, doctors hold surgical tools for a long time and maintain a high tension. The widespread use of surgical robots has greatly improved medical technology. The surgical robot has a wider field of vision, more accurate surgical operations, and is more conducive to patient recovery.

Application of artificial intelligence in various industries

Security: Using computer vision technology and big data to analyze the life trajectory of suspects and possible places
Finance: Use of speech recognition, semantic understanding and other technologies to create intelligent customer service ·
Medical: Intelligent imaging can quickly screen for early cancer screening, helping patients to detect lesions earlier.

Traffic: driverless use of sensors, computer vision and other technologies to liberate human hands and perception. Retail: use of computer vision, speech / semantic recognition, robotics, etc. Technology improves the consumer experience.

Industrial manufacturing: Robots replace workers to complete work in dangerous places, and efficiently complete repetitive tasks on the assembly line.