I heard that in the career of a machining worker, no matter how careful they are, there is always no way to avoid a knife collision. Some people even arrogantly say that if they have not experienced a knife collision, they will not be considered a qualified machining staff. In fact, this has nothing to do with whether the operators are serious and practical. As the saying goes, no one is perfect. In the machining career, the knife strike seems to be an insurmountable threshold.

What Is Knife Collision of CNC Machining Center programming?

The term “crash” refers to a machine tool accident in which the tool collides with a chuck, or a tailstock during the movement. This is the most likely accident for novice CNC lathe operators. A tool collision will cause the CNC parts to be scrapped and the tool to be damaged,.It will be followed by an impact on the accuracy of the machine tool. Even damage the parts of the machine tool and endanger the life of the operator.

Actually, the occurrence of the knife collision accident is mainly caused by the operator’s misoperation in the programming and the processing link. For processing personnel, general programming is not prone to errors. Many of the collisions are caused by mistakes in the operation of CNC machine tools. Shenzhen Best Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the external processing of high-precision CNC machine tools with more than ten years of experience in the field of machining. Next, we will share with you a master who has many years of experience in the field of machining. He came to share a previous knife collision of CNC machining center programming.

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The Story Of many years of experience in the field of machining

Clients have talked about the company serving a Spanish company. The corporate culture and employees’ work attitudes are very positive and serious. The products processed by the client company are foreign-made products So most of them cannot be mass-produced. Firstly, Every employee needs to go to the craft room to apply for a new procedure. Secondly, they go to the tool magazine to pick up the knife and materials. The company had an employee who due to negligence, the entire machine tool equipment is scrapped. Then at the same time, the machine tool was changed. The 22nd tool was changed-it was an empty tool while the tool length compensation was 0. As a result, the spindle was not loaded and ran into the workpiece. In the beginning, the procedure is exactly the same. To the last knife-edge, the machine was scrapped due to negligence.

Under The Circumstances —- Urgent Protective Measures

The engineer found that the main shaft without the knife was rotated. And then use the two keys in the front section of the main shaft, grinding the stainless steel parts and the fixture into one. The stainless steel parts were ground to discolor. He quickly raised the Z-axis that the two keys of the main shaft were worn out. But it was not too serious. First, the two keys were smoothed with an iron file, and then the main shaft was instructed to rotate. Can’t turn up. Because the machine tool in the accident had a gearbox, he estimated that it might not be up to the gear due to the collision of the parts.

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Summary The Knife Collision Accidents

Hearing here, do you think of those knife collision accidents that occurred in your machining career? However, you need to be cautious and cautious in doing machining. Also, you can be bold and careful to get things done.Someone who has been in an accident, the nervous string slowly slackens.

CNC Machining workshop

CNC Machining workshop

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