In the recent period of time, affected by COVID-2019, the labor cost of CNC processing factories has been increasing. But working efficiency is difficult to guarantee. This situation has caused production capacity to fall into a bottleneck, which has brought huge challenges to the growth of auto parts manufacturing.

For a long time, the CNC processing manufacturing industry is the industry most affected by human factors.

CNC Machining Parts

CNC Machining Parts

Digital Production Process

When it comes to machining parts for automotive manufacturers, the high quality and rapid turnaround of these parts are paramount. Fortunately, headquartered in Shenzhen , BEST PARTS company got rid of the embarrassing economic situation. Factory and company headquarters take a digital, automated, and networked approach to do business. The digital production system ensures that parts orders and production are on the same line. BEST PARTS uses a variety of machine tools located in the Dongguan factory to process automotive parts. The cargo transportation system will ship all parts out of the factory before 6 pm on the same day.

Factory Response Process

Once the order file arrives at the factory, the programmer immediately responds to the process of technology programming the tool path. All-day customer orders are saved on the company server. Company and factory can track the manufacturing, invoicing, and shipping of each customized part.

These machines not only provide reliable, uniform performance. It can also complete fast and precise machining.

After the programmer sending the cutting path to the factory machine, the technical engineer will quickly call the program to process the car part. Each machine is dedicated to one type of material, which has the advantage of being easy to recycle. Finish In the previous step, the parts enter the cleaning, inspection and transportation links.

BEST PARTS Processing Cycle

The average machining cycle of each part is 5-10min,  the simple part time shorter. The factory strives to optimize cycle times. At the same time, he factory spends time on machine maintenance. Pay attention to the wear and tear of the machine tool, because the excessive machine tool wear will reduce the benefits brought by the processing time. But the revenue will be reduced.

Although BEST PARTS is a small and medium machining center in Shenzhen, China. But the machining is still done perfectly. For BEST PARTS, we want to process parts at a reasonable speed while serving our customers to the greatest extent. In China, we are a processing maniac. The key to controlling the quality of the process is to ensure that the parts are processed carefully.

BEST PARTS helps automakers implement parts products. Reduce costs with advanced CNC machining technology. Real-time information exchange between upstream and downstream.

Start your new project with a satisfied quotation.

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