Automotive Complex Die Casted Parts

Automotive Complex Die Cast

Fuel efficiency of automotive integrated automotive engine parts is critical. Unnecessary fuel consumption comes from inefficient automotive parts. However, BEST PARTS specializes in the development and development of automotive engine parts, all from die castings.
Our proprietary die casting process combined with precision die casting combines the efficiency of automotive integrated engine parts to work with any alloy that meets the strength, weight and durability requirements.

Why Choose Us

1. Advanced inspection equipment to ensure strict quality and control as well as precise specifications.
2. We are a direct manufacturer with extensive experience in packaging machine parts and medical parts.
3. Custom inspection report and proof of materials.
4. Various drawing formats are available. For example: AutoCAD and so on.

5. Young people manage their teams with efficient productivity, rapid response and modern business philosophy.


Die Casting Advantage

Die casting can have significant advantages over other manufacturing processes, which can often result in significant cost savings, not only in terms of part price, but also overall production cost. When casting parts, you can create complex mesh shapes, including external threads and complex internal features. You can also combine multiple parts into one part, eliminating assembly operations and reducing labor costs, while also simplifying inventory control and enhancing part consistency.


Other benefits include:
1.Variable wall thickness
2.More tight tolerances
3.Fewer steps from raw materials to finished parts
4.Fast production cycle
5.Reduce waste
6.Long tool life, especially zinc and magnesium

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May 22, 2021

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