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China superior precision die casting manufacturer, Specialized in aluminum, magnesium, copper, zin casting, casting process, various surface treatment, etc, With 20+ years experience for die casting metal parts in electronics medical automotive marine aerospace industry. Ability to quickly complete from design to prototype according to customer needs. If you have parts die casting needs, please contact us immediately to get free quote.

Die Casting Service

Custom 1-100000 PCS Die Casted Parts

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We produce high-quality die casted parts online, which are used in aviation, automotive, marine engineering, medical, electronic equipment, and other fields.

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Why Choose Best Part for Die Casting?

Choose Best Parts to help you with your CNC Machining needs, we use state-of-the-art machinery and have over 20 years experience working in the precision engineering industry. We are capable of working on a full range of projects from small to large. Our CNC Machining Systems are rapid and efficient. For more information on our CNC Machining Services or any of our Precision Engineering Services such as CNC Turning or CNC Milling, please contact us.

20+ Years in Parts Manufacturing Online

Having carried out rapid prototyping and custom parts machining online for 20 years, our engineers have built up rich experience. We can handle all types of projects.

Factory Direct Price

Our in-house facilities allow us to quickly complete your project. Since we have multiple CNC turning, milling and die-casting equipment. Low price and fast lead-time.

10+ Metal Materials

We can die casting 10+ materials such as metal: Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Magnesium, Zin etc.

Precise, high tolerances

2D and 3D precision measuring instruments guarantee quality. ISO9001:2015 Certified.

What is Die Casting?

Die casting is a kind of special casting in casting. By pouring molten or semi-molten metal into the pressure chamber of the die-casting machine, under the action of high pressure, the molten metal is filled in the cavity of the die-casting mold at a high speed, and the molten or semi-molten metal is cooled under high pressure. A high-efficiency and high-efficiency precision casting method for obtaining castings by solidifying and forming.

How is the Die Casting Work?


A die casting machine is a series of industrial casting machines that hydraulically inject molten metal into a mold under pressure to cool and form and obtain solid metal castings after the mold is opened. With the advancement of science and technology and industrial production, especially with the development of industries such as automobiles, motorcycles, and household appliances, die-casting technology has developed extremely rapidly.

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What Materials Can be Die Casted?

We provide casting of metal alloy materials including magnesium, aluminum, zinc, aluminum alloys, and zinc alloys. We have these materials in stock, contact our engineers, and we can process the parts you need immediately

Most importantly, to ensure that your die cast parts meet all regulatory requirements, we have an incoming inspection laboratory where we use advanced analytical testing equipment to confirm the exact chemical and physical properties of all raw materials using Raman spectroscopy. For your peace of mind, we spare no effort.









Die Casting Process in Best Parts

The success of your pressure die casting project depends on the quality of the mold tools, and our tool-making abilities are unmatched in Asia. After we receive your order, we will:
The success of your pressure die casting project depends on the quality of the mold tools, and our tool-making abilities are unmatched in Asia. After we receive your order, we will:

1. Perform a complete Design for Manufacturing review of your CAD files.
2. Verify tooling raw materials for compliance.
3. Use our multi-axis imported CNC machine tools to fabricate the core and cavity.
4. Apply careful heat treatment to temper the molds.
5. Exercise process control when casting your parts.
6. Provide any necessary post-machining or processing.
7. Professionally inspect and measure finished parts to meet and exceed your specifications.


Features Of Die Casting in Best Parts

Compared with traditional casting, the same place is: the required parts are obtained by pouring molten or semi-molten metal into a mold, and then solidifying by cooling the metal. Differences from traditional casting:

  • 1. After the die casting process is poured, before the molten metal enters the mold, it must first enter the pressure chamber, and then pressurize it into the mold. This makes the filling speed of die casting faster than that of ordinary gravity casting.
  • 2. In the process of die casting, there will be a process of pressurization and pressure holding. By applying pressure, the internal density of the metal after solidification is better than that of traditional castings.
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Industrial Applications of Die Casted Products

The shapes that can be made by CNC turning include various flat surfaces, tapers, contours, fillet and radius contours, and threaded surfaces. Although many turned parts use a single axis of rotation, there can also be multiple axes to provide greater flexibility (for example, camshafts).


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Automotive industry:

  engine, housing, screws, motor shafts, bearing sleeves, knobs, gaskets,     shift levers, hydraulic valves, valve housings, sensor housings

Machinery industry:

fasteners, bushings, screws (rivets, bolts, nuts), shafts, engine components

Medical and biotechnology:

medical speculums, auxiliary surgical instruments, optoelectronic instrument components

Electronic products:

PCB auxiliary board, light-receiving end interface ferrule assembly, optical device metal assembly, product metal shell

Other Parts Manufacturing Process for Your Project

Rapid Prototype to OEM Parts Manufacturing, Upload Drawings for Detailed Quotes.