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BEST PARTS offers molds and products for the production of precision CNC machining, pressure casting, turning, milling, rapid prototyping and more. The industries involved include electrical appliances, energy and electrical components, communication equipment parts, automotive machinery parts, and aerospace.


Aluminum die castings used in many fields create different business opportunities for various fields. Aluminum parts are one-third lighter than steel or alloy parts, which greatly reduces operating costs during manufacturing. Aluminum products have good thermal conductivity, can be cast into mesh, and reduce the treatment of the surface. For many years of manufacturers of die-cast parts, please contact us for more information.


3D Drawings – Mold – Die Casting – Deburring – Drilling – Tapping – CNC Machining – CNC Control Center – Polishing – Surface Treatment – Assembly – Quality Inspection – Packaging – Shipping

Surface Treatment

Trimming, Deburring,Polishing, shot blasting, sandblasting,tumbling, powder coating, anodizing, chrome, zinc, electrophoresis, passivation, chemical coating

General Products Application

Metal Parts Solution for Vehicle, Agriculture machine, Construction Machine, transportation equipment, Valve and Pump system, Agriculture machine metal Parts, engine bracket, truck chassis bracket, gear box, gear housing, gear cover, shaft, spline shaft, pulley, flange, connection pipe, pipe, hydraulic valve, valve housing, Fitting, flange, wheel, fly wheel, oil pump housing, starter housing, coolant pump housing, transmission shaft, transmission gear, sprocket, chains etc.

Applicable Finish Surface Treatment

Shot/sand blast, polishing, Primer Painting, Powder coating, ED- Coating,
Finish Painting, Anodize (White or Black Color) etc.


1. We have many experience in aluminum casting service;
2. We can accept small order for the beginning;
3. Sample orcer can be finished in one week;
4. Top quality guaranteed by skilled workers, managing system and status of facilities;
5. We have many long cooperation supplier. Supply ONE-STOP service;
6. Customized size and spec /OEM. ODM available;
7. Our wokers are all professional and all can speack English;
8.100% inspect before delivery;
9. Payments, we can accept some in advance, some before shipping.

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Die Casted Parts

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Markus Veith

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December 5, 2022

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