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5-Axis--More Advanced CNC Machining Technology

5-axis machining is a major advancement in industrial manufacturing. Compared to the 3 axis, in addition to cutting the parts on x, y, x, the 5-axis machining of the A and C axes is also added on the sidewhich is more capable of processing high-level parts with more complex and high precision. Multi-axis CNC machine tools meet the needs of the modern manufacturing industry, including aerospace, medical, intelligent robots, advanced 3D manufacturing.

What Is 5-axis CNC Machining

Before we understand the five axes, we must first understand the 3-axis machining. 3-axis machining has been widely used in the manufacturing industry for decades. Its form of expression is our coordinate three-dimensional XYZ, a three-dimensional based three-dimensional processing.

The 5-axis CNC machining technology adds additional rotary axes to the CNC machining center. Form 3+2=5 to position or synchronize parts on 5 different axes for easy access to the cutting tool. This allows parts to be machined with three spindles (X, Y and Z) and two additional rotary axes (A and C or B and C).

The figure below is a specific axial description:

3+2 Axis & 5-Axis

Although the two seem to be no different, there are different characteristics in CNC machining. 3+2 Axis processing can also be called 5-Axis Indexed.The 5-axis indexed process is to fix any three axes, and the remaining axes are not cut. Therefore, continuous contact of the cutting tool and the workpiece on all rotating shafts cannot be maintained. This way can be:

:allow XYZ to use, let A and C axis fixed

:allow YZA to use, let X and C axis fixed

The complete 5-Axis can control all axes, let XYZ rotate linearly, let A tilt and B rotate. Complete 5-Axis.There are many advantages:

Reduce production cycle

Shorter cutting tools for better surface finish

Extended service life

Processing complex parts is effective

If you need a highly effective product, you can complete the benefits of fully trusted 5-axis machining.

About A and C Rotary Axes

The existence of these two axes is to rotate around the main axis, and the direction of rotation depends on the mode of movement of the main shaft. The combination of these two axes of rotation allows the part to achieve the most accurate angle of cutting.

5-Axis CNC Machining Advantage

The advantages of the 5-axis machining process are obvious:

Ability to create complex shapes

As mentioned earlier, the range of 5-axis applications is in a variety of high-tech fields, requiring more precise and complex parts.

Reduce tooling costs and labor time

Since the 5-axis is a comprehensive instrumentation, the operator can achieve the desired effect in one step, greatly reducing production time.

Better finish

The high-quality 5-axis lathe is a higher quality surface treatment and firmware clamping. The operator does not need to re-clamp the part again because the part remains clamped throughout the machining cycle.

Bring higher precision

Multi-axis machining helps improve overall part accuracy

Reduce the cost of each part

The main consumption of the 5-axis parts is that the modeling in the early stage is prolonged, the production process is reduced, and the production cycle is naturally shortened.

Maintain part consistency

5-axis machining center increases production flexibility and agility

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