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BEST PARTS Adds New Member : Secondary Element Tester

As a priority of accuracy, BEST PARTS puts quality inspection at the forefront. The detection technology of the second element is the innovation of the technology, the precision is accurate, the test can be quickly tested in a short time, and the problem of the CNC machining customer can only be solved in the minute and second.
In the calibration, the tester aligns the parts produced by the rapid prototyping and compares the parameters. The automatic archived secondary element tester can cope with the analysis and integration of various CNC parts.
The tester said: The object capture function of the secondary tester can quickly determine the exact position on the object without knowing the coordinates or drawing the construction line. This perfectly solves the error caused by human factors.
At the end of the test, each tester will have a complete test report on hand. The tester said that the secondary element tester is really too convenient to work, it has the spc statistical analysis function, which is convenient for users to perform statistical analysis on the measured data. The tester speeds up work and reduces the test error of special parts of many of our products.
The main features of the tester: the UK RENISHAW probe can be used to achieve partial 3D contact measurement and 3D geometry measurement. The image + probe measurement method fully solves the problems in geometric measurement.
The BEST PARTS testers will be trained before applying the tester. The training content is the actual measurement of the buyer's production of machined parts, and emergency handling in special circumstances. Let the tester fully understand the operation of the instrument.

Regarding the influence of test data analysis on the color forming application of the product, the LED light source with adjustable brightness has good illumination effect, so that the surface of the CNC machinng workpiece is evenly illuminated and the edge is clear.
BESTPARTS' products are explored with engineers to provide the most profitable solutions for parts buyers around the world.

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