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EDM-Electrical Discharge Machining

Whether you know which type of EDM technology is best for your metal parts.  But EDM is a CNC process that can reduce manufacturing costs and part accuracy. BEST PARTS provides the right guidance.

Wire EDM

Wire-cut EDM is a very useful method in CNC machining. Wire cutting uses a single metal wire to cut heavy metals. This is an irreplaceable CNC machine. Wire cutting uses electrodes and spark metal cutting, using sparks to corrode metal properties, and EDM machining places the parts that need to be cut into the ionic water. The wire acts as an electrode, creating a spark-cut process.

Wire cutting machines are able to carefully remove excess material without applying strong cutting forces. The formed parts are less lossy and the effect achieved by the electric spark which the effect is obvious.This eliminates the need for secondary processing. The final result is that the parts obtained  all in a complete, undeformed, molded part without external force. Wire EDM is most commonly used in mold making processes, especially for extrusion and blanking punches. EDM can adapt to mechanical functions:





Sinker EDM

Sinker and Wire EDM are two different sparks. Esin EDM - also known as RAM or conventional EDM. Any conductive material can be processed. The principle of EDM is to use conductive materials to create new features by controlled corrosion of the material by electrical discharge. An important part of electrical discharge machining is the electrode reaction. Carrying positive and negative two electrode workpieces, reacting on liquid such as electrolyte.

As the potential difference between the electrodes increases, the electric field between the two positive and negative electrodes also increases until the electric field strength exceeds the point solution strength. The dielectric breaks down and current flows. The material is removed from the two electrodes. At the same time, the current between the two electrodes is not constant. After the current flows, the potential difference between the two electrodes returns to the state before the dielectric, so that the new dielectric difference can be repeated. This cycle of processing will continue processing.

During processing, water represents a clean and correct conductivity. In order to ensure the most superior effect obtained in EDM, it is necessary to keep the water clean. Some of the water that flows into the dissolution tank plays the role of recycling.


In fact, there are many ways in which CNC lathe machining can handle parts. So why in the CNC lathe, you need to use EDM. One of the great advantages of EDM: EDM can process workpieces of any hardness. In the traditional process, the metal workpiece is made of hardened tool steel, which can be effectively cut under certain conditions. The advantage of EDM is that it can cut hardened materials and special alloys while maintaining a surface finish. Or the only drawback of EDM is that it cannot process non-metallic materials.

Our BEST PARTS Wire EDM Service And Sinker Service

At BEST PARTS, we are proud to specialize in the production of custom machinery and precision parts. Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of online EDM. We have the ability to perform EDM services on a wide range of parts and assemblies.

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