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Extensive And Innovative Solutions For a Wide Range Of Milling And Milling Tools.

In CNC machining, machining methods are turning and milling, and their role is to waste material to get the product.

Before introducing milling, we need to have a clear understanding of how the turning is done. Turning is to fix the part on the rotating spindle. When the spindle is operated, the cutting tool on the lathe rotates and the material is cut to obtain the desired shape. Due to the rotation, the final shape obtained is a prototype or a sphere, a cone, and the like. The CNC's turning center has a richer variety of parts, and the spindle is used in conjunction with multiple turrets.


Milling machines, workpieces, fixtures and tools are required for the milling process. During the milling process, the parts are clamped to the machine table by the clamp reinforcement. Cutting tools use a variety of thicknesses and carbide or ceramic inserts, and the operator adjusts the speed at the table to optimally move and rotate the entire workpiece to create various features on the surface of the part. Milling can also be performed on a horizontal or vertical axis.

When to use milling
Milling is suitable for machining parts that are not circular in shape. Milling seems to be able to machine any other shape because there are so many operational spaces, holes, grooves, pockets, and 3D surface contours are all millable options.
The mechanical operator uses the method of milling:
1. Processing parts from scratch
2. Determine the auxiliary process of the part, determine the groove of the part, the thread and the cutting face, and also the aperture.
Milling tool operation
The shape obtained by milling is determined by the tool and operation. The following introduction is about the tool used.
Chamfer Milling

Chamfer milling is the milling of the cutter along the edge of the workpiece or feature, and the angle of the chamfer is typically 45 degrees. The formula for the depth of cut is: (tool radius - tool radius) - chamfer width - clearance.

Vertical Milling

Vertical milling cutters, in very different forms. The end mill performs a step or slit cut on the workpiece, which is determined by the step distance to process specific features such as contours, slits, cavities and even complex surface contours.


The drill bit penetrates into the component to cut a hole of varying diameter and diameter. The drill hole can be a blind hole or a through hole that extends throughout the workpiece.


The boring tool enters the workpiece axially and cuts along the inner surface to form different features
The reamer is moved axially to extend the existing aperture to the aperture of the tool. The more function of the reaming is to obtain a more accurate aperture and a smoother surface.

Tapping is the use of a tap to cut a thread into a hole to obtain the depth of the hole. Existing holes are typically drilled through the desired tapper size to accommodate the desired tap.

The tools used in milling cutters are hard, hard alloys that cut soft metal or plastic to the maximum extent possible. The milling cutter tool material can be as follows:
High speed steel (HSS)
Carbonized steel
Carbon steel
Cobalt high speed steel

In general, turning and milling are performed separately, but we now have a machine-turn-milling composite horizontal machine or other models that can perform both operations simultaneously. Increased productivity and reduced setup/tooling time and cost.

To understand how to effectively CNC machining projects, you must first understand the machining method and tool path usage. A typical CNC job is obtained by consuming parts. Ready to start sketching out the side profile to start a new project, you can contact us to get a good quote. We will start researching other features and fine details after receiving the order. Knowing the complexity and limitations of each tool path gives you the confidence to give us the freedom to machine any part.

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