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Turning—Excellent Metal Casting Processing Method

Turning is one of the main machining processes in metalworking. This article will give a complete introduction to the turning process of CNC machining.


Manual Turning  —  The Most Original Turning

The effect of turning is to transform ordinary parts into accessories for various models. Due to the wide variety of machining in the industry, the working range of turning is more extensive. Turning can improve part characteristics during production. Manual turning requires skilled workers with specialized skills to perform specialized operations. However, such operations can have part errors and are now reduced.

Mechanized Turning  — Advanced And Easy Turning

Modern industries are usually manufactured using CNC lathes, and the editing of the lathe is performed by a programmer with a certain programming technique to operate the lathe. CNC turning is a technology that frees hands and saves time.

CNC Turning Technology

Turning is the process of fixing the material into the chuck of the lathe. The programmer edits the program in advance and then produces the required part shape according to the procedure. Bending, drilling, boring, reaming, grooving, grooving, threading, knurling, etc. are also encountered in production. These effects have already been processed in one-stop processing according to the programming of the programmer.


Multi-Function Turning

Bend: The process of bending or deforming a component under applied pressure;

Drilling: A cutting process when drilling, using a drill bit to cut holes of different circular cross-sections in the material;

Thread turning: Using a variety of thick and thin tools, the shape of different threads can be changed on the part;

Boring turning: the process of expanding the bore for the borehole

Reaming turning: cutting with a multi-edge cutting tool for size and fine operation

Slotting: excavation in uneven and small grooves

Knurling: The process of pressing a diamond or straight pattern onto a work piece surface using a special hardened metal wheel to improve its appearance.

In order to complete different process requirements, we always have a way to do it. BEST PARTS engineers use a variety of turning lathes to create ever-changing parts for their customers.

There are also milling, turning lathes, vertical, horizontal and other lathes, they can meet the different needs of customers.

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