Die Casting

Die casting is the process of choice when producing high volumes of complex metal parts.Cheap price.

CNC Machining

3-axis,4-axis,5-axis CNC machining equipment with advanced cnc turning / milling / casting process helps you to achieve from design to rapid prototyping.

CNC Milling

If you are looking for professional OEM/ODM CNC Milling services, Here could be you want. We offer global custom CNC milling parts for various industries.

SWISS CNC Machining

CNC Swiss-style machining has the capability to machine longer, slender, and more complex parts with incredible accuracy, efficiency, cheap price and throughput.

CNC Turning

Our CNC production turning services provide a competitive advantage to businesses over the world, delivering the ability to turn a wide range of raw.

Rapid Prototype to OEM Parts Manufacturing, Upload Drawings for Detailed Quotes.