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BEST PARTS Turning Center

Our multi-axis CNC turning centers are capable of producing very complex parts with short lead times in mass production and prototype mass production. We are a metal parts, turning parts, CNC parts, springs, cold-formed parts, machined parts, screw machine parts, casting parts suppliers processing services. We can serve a variety of large car sales processing business. We can process according to customer requirements.

316 Stainless Steel

As for the most commonly used processing material, 316 stainless steel has a longer service life.According to the chemical distinction, the basic components of all steels contain iron and carbon, and the carbon content determines the hardness and other properties of stainless steel.Compared to 304 stainless steel, although 316 stainless steel has the same physical properties as 304 stainless steel. However, 316 stainless steel contains about 2% to 3% of molybdenum, which has more industrial corrosion resistance.

What Is CNC Turning

Turning is a method of machining cylindrical parts. As the tool rotates in the clamped firmware, the part changes to the desired shape in a linear motion. Generally, turning is operated on a lathe. Complex turning centers can also perform a variety of milling and drilling operations.

Turning Process Operations

Turning performs various operations when machining parts to produce the desired part shape.
These operations can be classified as external or internal. External operations change the outer diameter of the workpiece, while internal operations change the inner diameter of the workpiece.The following operations are defined by the type of tool used and the path from which the tool removes material from the workpiece.

External Process

● Thread Cutting:Using a variety of thick and thin tools, the shape of different threads can be changed on the part;

● Bend :The process of bending or deforming a component under applied pressure;

● Facing:A single-point turning tool moves radially, along the end of the workpiece, removing a thin layer of material to provide a smooth flat surface. ;

Internal Process

● Drilling :A cutting process when drilling, using a drill bit to cut holes of different circular cross-sections in the material;

● Boring :the process of expanding the bore for the borehole;

● Reaming : cutting with a multi-edge cutting tool for size and fine operation

More About The Turning Process…..


Many Materials We Work With

Aluminum(6061-T6, 6063, 7075-T6,5052)
Stainless Steel (302, 303, 304, 316, 420)
Steel (mild steel, Q235, 20#, 45#)
Plastic (ABS, Delrin, Acrylic, PP, PE, PC)etc…


Secondary & Finishing Services

Color anodized; Hard anodized;
Powder-coating; Sand-blasting; Painting;
Nickel plating; Chrome plating; Zinc plating;
Black oxide coating, Polishing;

Multidimensional Display Of Our Parts

In the multi-dimensional display, you can see that our parts need to go through 3D drawings to confirm the direction and trajectory of the car during the production process.



Precision Medical Instruments,Electronic, Industrial,Automation , motorcycle,3D printer,Machinery,Industry,Construction,Furniture,Construction,Home Appliance,Electronic Instrument Parts, etc.



Why Us?

• Design assistance and full engineering support
• One stop manufacturing includes sourcing of subcomponents and hardware overseas partners
• Complete production lines for custom turning, milling, cnc machining sheet metal fabrication, stamping, bending, sliver welding and surface finish
• Anodize with all kinds of customized colors, zinc and nickel plated, etc.
• Advanced machine tools, CAD/CAM programming software
• Prototype machining capabilities
• Strict quality control standards with a highly qualified inspection department
• Continually upgrading and advancing our equipment to remain competitive

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