CNC machining in the process of processing the most prone to problems and processing difficulties are the following:

First, how to judge the tool’s good condition and service life?

In the automatic machining process of the machine tool, it is necessary to listen to the sound of cutting with the ear, check or touch the tip of the knife regularly during the cutting process, and judge according to the surface roughness analysis and judgment.

Second, how to choose the corresponding cutter according to the material characteristics?

In the process of processing, if the tool choice is not correct, will lead to processing instability or can not be processed! And affect efficiency, still cannot make good quality. So the choice of cutting tools is very important, when we process the material is more hard material, we should choose the rigid more strong knife tip big cutting tools, machine should also use low speed, slow feed, less back to eat and other principles to debug! So when the processing material is relatively soft, such as aluminum alloy, nylon rod, copper and so on these materials! Then we can increase the speed, feed, back feed, and use the corresponding alloy knife! In particular, the feed table is slow, will form a slag, on the workpiece winding, not broken slag. This will greatly affect efficiency and quality!

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Third, when the process or the knife path does not arrange the influence efficiency how to do?

Try not to repeat the same knife used multiple times and can complete the absolute don’t have the second of a knife, knife order and program order under the conditions allow, must be sorted by knife road, as far as possible the compression of idle time, reduce unnecessary positioning error, under the condition of the cutting tool or have no effect on the quality, once again, the optimization of the process, the best processing state!

Fouth, in the processing of thin wall products prone to deformation how to do?

Such products are so difficult, some may be divided into many procedures to complete, according to product requirements, to analyze judgment! Be sure to use low speed, slow feed, less back to eat three major processing elements! And to use a small tip, a sharp edge of the knife, clamping is also as far as possible to use axial clamping (such as pressure screw sleeve), such as radial home tight will always have a deformation state!

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